Ready to ride

We want all customers to have a smooth, safe and comfortable journey.

Follow these simple travel tips to ensure you're always ready to ride.

  • Have your myki ready, so you can touch on as soon as you board and remember to touch off.
  • Hail the approaching bus so that the driver knows you want to board.
  • Always use the handrails when getting on and off the bus and if you need extra time to board, just ask the driver – they’re there to get you to your destination safely.
  • Always board at the front of the bus and take the closest available seat. Don’t be afraid to ask for a seat if you need one.
  • Remain seated or hold on to a handhold until the bus comes to a complete stop before moving towards the door. Buses may be required to brake suddenly due to traffic.
  • Notify the bus driver to stop well before reaching your destination.
  • Be respectful and courteous towards other customers and our employees by:
    • Not playing loud music or having loud mobile phone conversations
    • Keeping your feet and bags off the seats
    • Not smoking at bus stops or on board buses
    • Avoiding eating or drinking on the bus (alcohol is prohibited) and taking any rubbish with you.
    • Not using offensive language
    • Using headphones if listening to music or videos
    • Always offering your seat to elderly, pregnant or other customers with special needs.
  • Inform the driver if you notice unattended items or baggage, or any suspicious activity.
  • Before alighting, please check your seat and make sure you have all your valuables

Remember when travelling on public transport within Victoria you can be fined for:

  • Putting your feet on the seat.
  • Not having a valid myki.
  • Smoking cigarettes or consuming any kind of alcohol or drugs.
  • Vandalising and/or defacing any part of the bus.
  • Not identifying yourself if asked to by an AO (Authorised Officer).

Ready to ride for seniors

A slip, trip and fall is reported nearly every day on our service. For seniors in particular, the consequences of a fall can be serious.

In partnership with the Transport Accident Commission, the Department of Health and Human Services/Seniors Card and Public Transport Victoria, Transdev has created three short videos to reduce slips, trips and falls. 

Each video focuses on a different aspect of travelling — holding on and taking a seat, engaging with our drivers, and understanding myki.



Download our Ready to ride postcard below: