Thanks for visiting Transdev Melbourne. For the past nine years we have been proud to deliver a clean, safe and reliable bus service for Victorians.

From 31 January, a new operator, Kinetic Melbourne began operating the routes we currently service. Our website is no longer be active.

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Information for parents/guardians

We want to ensure all children have a safe and reliable journey to and from school everyday.

First time catching the bus?

If your child is catching the bus for the first time, download our helpful getting started guide which contains information about ticketing, timetables and safety.

There are a few things you can do to ensure your child is prepared to travel.

Preparing to travel

  • Plan your journey – know the correct route. Check the correct route/s or PTV Journey Planner to identify the correct stops and times to get on and off the bus
  • Walk to the bus stop with your child to ensure they are confident catching the bus
  • Be early, it’s best to be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time
  • If possible, identify an alternative route in case your child misses their regular service
  • Your child may be eligible for discounted travel – ensure they are ready to travel by purchasing a Myki
  • Be sure to register your child’s Myki you can track their trips and protect the balance if they lose their Myki
  • Practice touching on and off with Myki
  • Practice the trip with your child before their first trip
  • Make sure your child knows where to get off the bus. Find a significant landmark prior to this point to help them identify their stop.

Ensuring your child’s safety

  • Talk to your child about safety – this includes safe behavior on buses and what to do if they miss the bus/their stop
  • When picking your child up from the bus stop, if possible, park on the same side of the road so your child doesn’t have to cross the road

Lost property

  • If your child has left something on the bus contact us and we will do our best to get it back to you.

Information for students

The tips below will help you travel safely to and from school everyday.

Before boarding the bus

  • Know your bus route number and bus stop
  • Arrive 5 minutes early to the bus stop
  • Have your Myki card ready to touch on
  • Hail the bus so the driver has enough time to pick you up
  • Stand at a safe distance from the road when hailing
  • If you miss the bus or the bus doesn’t turn up, know who to call or have another route planned

On the bus

  • Touch on your Myki when boarding the bus
  • Stay safe while the bus is in motion - sit down or hold on to a handrail or strap if you are standing
  • Consider others – keep the aisles clear of bags
  • If you have a smartphone consider using the maps function on your phone to track your journey
  • If not sure about something, feel free to ask the bus driver, they are there to help 
  • Allow the driver to concentrate – if you need to speak to them wait until the bus has stopped
  • Keep your belongings close to you while on board

Getting off the bus

  • Ring the bell before your stop so the driver can pull over smoothly
  • Check your belongings before getting off to ensure you haven’t left anything behind
  • Look left and right when getting off the bus to ensure you are clear to exit