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From 31 January, a new operator, Kinetic Melbourne began operating the routes we currently service. Our website is no longer be active.

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Accessible Journeys

Transdev aims to alleviate the barriers for customers with special access requirements and, as such, all vehicles in our fleet are wheelchair-accessible.


Travel Safe with Transdev's Access Card

We want you to feel safe, confident and comfortable when you travel on our network, so keep an eye out for our Access Cards, for people of all abilities to communicate any assistance they might require to drivers or other passengers.

Request a card from our Customer Feedback team on (03) 9488 2100 or download it here.


Getting Ready to Travel

Transdev recognises the diverse needs of the travelling public, as well as its obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act, by continually improving its capacity to carry essential mobility aids (such as wheelchairs), and other disability mobility aids such as ride-on scooters and motorised vehicles.

Prior to travelling or requesting special assistance, customers who use mobility aids should use the checklist as a guide for what aids can be accommodated on our accessible fleet.    

Mobility Aid Checklist

Mobility aids (wheelchairs, scooters or motorised vehicles) should: 

  • Move backwards and forwards.
  • Have effective brakes to help maintain stability.
  • Turn 180 degrees within an area 2700 mm x 1540 mm.
  • Be able to cross a horizontal gap up to 40 mm wide.
  • Mount a vertical rise (bump) of up to 12 mm.
  • Cross grates in vehicles up to 13 mm wide and 150 mm long.
  • Go up and down a ramp with a 1:14 grade unassisted.
  • Go up and down a ramp that is less than 1520 mm with a 1:8 grade.
  • Go up and down a ramp with a 1:4 grade with assistance.

Mobility Aid Specifications

Mobility aids (wheelchairs, scooters or motorised vehicles) should: 

  • Fit within a space of 1300 mm (length) by 800 mm (width).
  • Be no more than 750  wide at a height of 300 mm above the ground to fit between the wheel axles of a bus.

Please note that the total weight of the customer, their assistant and their mobility aid must be less than 300 kg.

This is to ensure the maximum weight capacity of boarding devices such as ramps is not exceeded.

As part of our ongoing commitment to providing a more inclusive and accessible service, we have now fitted safety straps for mobility devices on buses 1187 to 1200.

The straps have been installed in the accessible seating areas to improve safety for passengers travelling in mobility devices, and reduce the risk of falls on our service.


Social script for autistic passengers

We've worked with Amaze, the peak body for people with autism and their supporters in Victoria, to develop a story-based strategy that details what a person with autism can expect when catching a Melbourne bus and what to do if they feel overwhelmed.

To create the social script, an audit of a Transdev bus journey was conducted in consultation with a person with lived experiences who identified key points that needed to be explained and potential issues which may prove challenging for them.

Download the social script.

Community Training

To improve safety and confidence on our services, Transdev offers two free community programs to help customers become comfortable with travelling on buses.

Practise Makes Perfect provides bus education and safe travelling tips for individuals and groups of all abilities.  If you would like to become a more confident traveller, we can help. To book a session for yourself, a community group or organisation, please email or call 1800 718 121. We will need the following information to make a booking: your preferred date and depot, any accessibility needs we should be aware of and your preferred method of contact. 

Transdev also participates in the annual Try Before You Ride event which  gives people of all abilities the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the different types of public transport and to practice boarding and alighting trains, trams, buses, coaches and taxis.

For more information about this event, visit PTV's Website or call 1800 800 007.


Accessibility Reference Group

Mobility plays a significant role in passengers’ daily lives: including facilitating access to activities and social spaces, work, leisure and education. As a leader in the public transport sector, we are committed to enabling autonomy for people with disability by reducing the barriers for customers with special access requirements to our service.

To ensure that we continue to deliver an accessible and inclusive service we established the Transdev Melbourne Accessibility Reference Group (TMARG).

Our Accessibility Reference group is made up of five customers with lived experience of disability who provide advice and feedback to help us identify the key accessibility issues that our customers face and improve our understanding of the needs and preferences of our customers who face accessibility issues. Meet our TMARG members.

TMARG meets twice yearly to discuss and provide feedback to Transdev Melbourne on the following topics:

  • Accessibility issues which may arise on our services
  • How we can provide more accessible and inclusive customer service
  • Report on the progress of our Accessibility Action Plan.


Accessibility Action Plan

We’re committed to providing an accessible and inclusive bus service for all. We have outlined how we plan to do this in our 2021 Accessibility Action Plan.  You can also access the plan in a Word version.