Thanks for visiting Transdev Melbourne. For the past nine years we have been proud to deliver a clean, safe and reliable bus service for Victorians.

From 31 January, a new operator, Kinetic Melbourne began operating the routes we currently service. Our website is no longer be active.

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Thanks for being part of our journey.

Our Vision and Promise


We are Journey Makers. We deliver the best journeys for our customers; strengthening communities.

We are mobility change makers. We challenge the status quo and push the boundaries on what is possible in public transport.


Our Why

Because moving is essential to connect with people, to work, and simply live. We empower your freedom to move everyday.


Our Vision

  • The mobility company
  • People serving people
  • The leading operator and global integrator of daily mobility solutions addressing the needs of today and tomorrow


The future of transport

Transdev is constantly evolving our offering in an industry moving faster than ever before. Technology is rapidly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the public transport sector, and this is requiring operators to embrace a new forward-thinking customer focus. 

We believe that the future of transport will be Personalised, Autonomous, Connected and Electric (PACE). Innovation is central to our operations.

Personalised: Promote personalised transport to improve the overall customer journey.

Autonomous: Develop services using driverless vehicles and shuttles.

Connected: Offer increasingly connected transport.

Electric and Eco-friendly: Encourage eco-friendly transport.