Welcome aboard: recognising a customer champion

PUBLISHED ON 03/11/2021
Welcome aboard: recognising a customer champion

Doncaster driver Saso Damjanoski embodies good customer service. His passion and interest in people are immediately clear to all those who have met him.

He is just one of more than 80 Transdev Melbourne team members who have been nominated for Transdev’s annual Journey Maker Awards.

The awards recognise employees who go ‘above and beyond’ their job to achieve exceptional results and who make a significant contribution across seven separate categories which range from teamwork and customer service through to innovation.

First and foremost, Saso is passionate about ensuring his customers feel comfortable onboard his service saying “When people board my bus I want to make them feel welcome, as I would welcome a visitor to my home.”

Safe driving is another key element of providing good customer service for Saso. He will always wait for people to be seated for departed a stop and pulls up as close to the kerb as possible to allow for easing boarding and disembarking.

Saso is willing to go above and beyond for our customers, even considering how the road conditions will impact customer comfort. He will often slow down when the road surface is rougher to ensure a more comfortable ride for all his passengers.

His dedicated approach to his driving has seen Saso earn multiple nominations for a Journey Maker Award and earned him the greatest number of customer compliments of any Transdev Melbourne driver.

Winners will be announced in December.

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