Transdev to test its first hydrogen train in Germany in 2023

PUBLISHED ON 23/08/2021
Transdev to test its first hydrogen train in Germany in 2023

Transdev leads the transition to cleaner transport solutions recently announcing we will begin testing a hydrogen train in Germany by 2023.

The trial in partnership with the German state of Bavaria and Siemens Mobility and will operate on routes without overhead contact lines with a range of 800 km.

The train which features two fuel cells mounted on the roof; and Saft latest generation batteries, located in the floor will be revealed to the public in spring 2022 before officially entering passenger service in January 2024.

The fuel cell produces the electricity needed to power an electric motor on board. The fuel cell runs on hydrogen which, combined with oxygen from the air, produces the electricity needed for traction. The only emissions are water and water vapor meaning zero pollution in the environment – zero pollutants, zero particles, zero CO2 and zero engine noise.

Thierry Mallet, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Transdev Group said, “I salute the visionary decision of the State of Bavaria, which has chosen to invest in this promising hydrogen technology for the energy transition of daily transportation, a solution that will complement biofuels, biogas and electric batteries, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint of daily mobility. “

Transdev is already a leader in sustainable hydrogen mobility, with experiments and commercial operations of hydrogen buses in France (Lens, Toulouse, Auxerre), the Netherlands, Sweden and New Zealand.

Hydrogen technology presents opportunities, especially for coaches and regional trains. Electrification of lines is a costly operation in the railway sector, and the use of hydrogen presents opportunities on regional rail lines, particularly in countries like Australia, which are often operated by diesel trains.

Transdev is convinced that hydrogen represents one of the clean energies of the future; and is investing in this sustainable technology as part of our commitment to creating cleaner cities and local communities.

View the launch video.

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