Transdev: providing ambulance services during COVID-19

PUBLISHED ON 29/07/2020
Transdev: providing ambulance services during COVID-19

Did you know Transdev also offers customised medical transport solutions for patients and healthcare organisations?  Meet two of our colleagues, nurses from the Netherlands, who are sharing their experiences on Instagram.

Willeke van Stijn and Fleur Teunissen are nurses for Witte Kruis, a Transdev subsidiary and the largest provider of ambulance services in The Netherlands.

Despite the coronavirus outbreak the pair say their day to day work has not changed much except for some new safety measures; “Apart from the gloves, we now also wear face masks most of the time when we respond to calls.” Fleur explains, “If the patient shows certain symptoms we put on a special protective suit that covers the entire body.”

The nurses say more people staying home during lockdown periods has meant far fewer road accidents and fewer calls on weekend nights.

Willeke said she had also noticed a keener interest from members of the public in their work saying; “People are always curious to see what we do but these days we get different looks. They watch us do our job more… intensely.”

Willeke and Fleur say that in the first weeks of the pandemic many Dutch people were sceptical about COVID-19, believing it to be a simple flu, but all that changed after most public spaces closed.

“A lot of times patients get very emotional when they see us arrive in those protective suits. Especially when they realise they might not be able to see their loved ones for a long time,” says Fleur.

Despite a busy workload, the two nurses started an Instagram account to help share their on-the-job experiences and keep the public informed;  “We started doing this before the coronavirus crisis but especially in these times it’s an invaluable instrument to inform the public. There are many experiences to be shared!”

Follow Willeke and Fleur and their Witte Kruis colleagues here.

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