Transdev becomes part of Generation Restoration

PUBLISHED ON 24/06/2021
Transdev becomes part of Generation Restoration

To mark World Environment Day earlier this month Transdev Australasia announced a Climate Change Policy addressing our responsibility to reduce our impact on the environment.

The policy establishes a clear target of lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent across the company’s train, tram, bus and ferry operations by 2030 and is a stepping stone towards achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

The theme of World Environment Day this year called for urgent action to revive damaged ecosystems.  Restoration of these ecosystems can be achieved by a mix of actions at all levels, including policy formulation and small community-based initiatives, which represent a first and very important step.

Across the world, Transdev is working in partnership with local communities to help them reach their environmental goals.

In Germany at the Bayerische Regio Bahn, we have provided seeds to passengers on our four rail networks, whose flowers can serve as a food source for bees in midsummer.

In the Netherlands, at our bus depot in Haarlem, we have partnered with the local community and installed a “Green Wall” to remove air pollutants, improve biodiversity and put rainwater to use.

In France in the Paris region we are partnering with Reforest’action, in the Assisted Natural Regeneration Project. Our first project consists of planting 20,250 trees to support and accelerate the regeneration in the forest of the Domaine de Grangemenant Beautheil, located in the south-east of Paris.

In the USA, we work closely with the local transit authorities implementing strong anti-idling policies across all of our locations to ensure we reduce air pollution and minimise our environmental footprint in the local community.

In Chile, we have created small gardens in the outdoor common areas to improve the urban ecology and biodiversity surrounding our services.

In Portugal, we partnered with a local environmental organisation to install 50 birdboxes in Guarda as conservation tools for endangered species, and have sponsored the rehabilitation and release of two endangered Black Vultures into their natural habitat in Castelo Branco.

Closer to home, Transdev Melbourne is proud to trial Victoria’s first fully electric bus.

Through these projects we aim to build a better future and demonstrate our commitment to delivering sustainable public transportation solutions which improve quality of life.

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