Supporting older workers in the transport industry

PUBLISHED ON 28/05/2020
Supporting older workers in the transport industry

As Australia’s population ages, many organisations are exploring ways to ensure workplaces support, and accommodate the needs of, older workers. Transdev Melbourne is taking part in a research project to promote the mental health and wellbeing of ageing workers in the public transport industry.

The Ageing Workforce Ready (AWR) project explores four key areas:

  • recruitment policies in relation to older workers
  • to what extent do older employees feel supported in the workplace
  • how organisations and individuals manage the transition from work to retirement, and
  • the role of organisational strategy and cultures in supporting older workers.

Megan Townsend, Manager People and Culture, Transdev Melbourne said, “ At Transdev, we have an absolute commitment to diversity and inclusion.

“We’re really excited about the potential of this pilot to challenge unhelpful myths and stereotypes about older workers and look forward to the pilot identifying new opportunities to recruit, retain and support the wellbeing of older workers across the public transport industry.”

The project is a collaboration between Australia’s largest industry super fund AustralianSuper and organisational psychology practitioners, Transitioning Well and funded by WorkSafe Victoria.

 The project will produce will explore best practices in relation to supporting older workers and will produce resources and advice for Victorian workplaces ensuring organisations are better equipped to support the mental health and wellbeing of older workers.

Learn more about the Ageing Workforce Ready project.

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