Shaping up for a healthier future

PUBLISHED ON 29/07/2020
Shaping up for a healthier future

More than one hundred Journey Makers across Transdev are saying no to sugar, sweating and shaping up as part of our inaugural fitness challenge.

The challenge runs over a ten week period and encourages individuals to take a first step on their health journey aiming to help them achieve specific health and wellness goals.

Participants start with an individual consultation with a medical professional, designed to identify potential health conditions and nominate an area of their health they wish to improve. Weight gain/loss, increased physical exercise, quitting smoking and improved mental wellbeing are just some of the focus areas our team members have nominated.

Once the health check is complete, participants are provided with referrals to GPs and allied health professionals to follow up any areas of concern and are given individualised tips and a plan to help them reach their goals. To ensure they remain on track, participants can also check in with a nurse for additional support and guidance throughout the ten week challenge via a dedicated email and phone hotline.

Sandra Code, Health Services Manager at Transdev says the program encourages small, manageable health changes which are achievable; “This program starts conversations about health among our staff and lets them know we are here to help them make small changes to improve their health.

“For many of us, family is a big motivator for staying healthy. The program also explores reasons why people should get healthy and supports them with realistic advice so they are able to maintain positive changes into the long term.”

Robert Denino who works in our North Fitzroy workshop said; “I was motivated to join the challenge after meeting with Transdev’s onsite nurse. We talked about what I could do regarding changing my diet, which hasn’t been so good.

“I am now walking more and also having smaller meals. With small steps, I’m doing a little better each time.”

In another health and wellbeing initiative, we recently introduced resilience training for staff. The training aims to equip our people, particularly drivers, with practical advice and tools to recover from challenging experiences.

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