Safety is personal: celebrating Customer Service Week

PUBLISHED ON 03/11/2021
Safety is personal: celebrating Customer Service Week

Our team of 1300 Journey Makers are united by our passion for connecting our customers to their communities.

Every October, we celebrate people across our business who play an essential role in serving and supporting our customers as part of Customer Service Week.

Talking to Thomastown mechanic, Jamie Purves he says providing a safe and reliable service is key to a good customer experience.

He says when he approaches his work he applies a simple safety test, “Would I be happy to have my family ride on this bus?” 

“You wouldn’t drive your own car if it wasn’t safe, so our workplace shouldn’t be any different,” says Jamie.

Jamie followed his grandfather, who worked as a Leading Hand in the electrical department in the Preston depot at the Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board into the transport industry. Now entering his fortieth year in the industry, Jamie reflects on the changes he has witnessed.

“Once mechanics would diagnose things by feel, listen and by driving, now technology plays a more prominent role in diagnosing issues.

“It used to be good to diagnose a problem by yourself, particularly if you had never come across that problem before, fixing it gave you a real sense of achievement. These days laptops help us identify possible problems and faulty components,” says Jamie.

For Jamie, customer service plays a significant part of his role as a mechanic, “When I provide buses to drivers and the operations team I need to make sure they are safe when they leave the workshop. If something isn’t safe it doesn’t go out,” he says.

Jamie’s commitment and the commitment of our team of Journey Makers has delivered impressive results. In 2020/21, we have achieved a 50% reduction in customer complaints and a 75% reduction in Public Transport Ombudsman investigations.

“I love working on buses.  It’s my job, but I am proud when I see one of the buses I have worked on out on the road. My kids and grandkids will often ask me when they see a bus, “Have you worked on that one?”  Although it’s getting harder for me to spot them now that they are all orange and white!”

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