Quick Thinking Bus Driver Helps Save Passenger’s Life

PUBLISHED ON 26/07/2017
Quick Thinking Bus Driver Helps Save Passenger’s Life

Transdev employee Steven Arabajiev (pictured) is being hailed a hero after his prompt action helped save a passenger’s life – but it’s all in a day’s work for the humble bus driver.

Steven was driving a Route 246 bus near St Kilda Rd in early May when an elderly woman boarded his bus.

The woman told Steven she felt seriously ill and needed to go to hospital.

“She seemed very unwell, it was clear to me she needed medical assistance,” said Steven. “There were a few other passengers already on the bus, so I explained to them that we needed to get to The Alfred Hospital emergency

department straight away, and none of them objected.”

It has since emerged that Steven’s quick thinking helped save the woman’s life, as she was having a heart attack. She underwent emergency heart surgery as soon as she was admitted to hospital.

Not long after the incident, Steven’s manager Tomina Carr received a phone call from the woman’s son, wishing to pass on the family’s gratitude to Steven. The woman has also been in touch with Steven to thank him personally.

Tomina said Steven’s actions are a great example of the characteristics of a Transdev Journey Maker, and demonstrate the company’s strong commitment to safety and customer service.

“We’re very proud to have people like Steven as Journey Makers at Transdev,” said Tomina. “Steven is very humble and thinks he was just doing his job; he believes anybody would have of done the same thing, but there’s no doubt that in this instance he showed tremendous compassion and foresight.

“He deserves to be called a hero for his ability to respond calmly and proactively to assist someone requiring urgent medical attention.”

Steven has been nominated for a national award within the Transdev business.


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