Key results: responding to COVID-19 and investing in our people

PUBLISHED ON 28/05/2020
Key results: responding to COVID-19 and investing in our people

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began our team have worked tirelessly to ensure our services continued to operate for those Victorians who rely on public transport.

Throughout the pandemic we have worked in close partnership with the Department of Transport to communicate clear, accurate and timely information on our COVID-19 response to our customers, the community and our people.

The safety of our people and passengers has been paramount; to protect passengers and our people and help maintain social distancing, we implemented a trial of rear door boarding. Our operations team regularly review the trial, including customer feedback, as the situation continues to evolve.

Our unrelenting focus on all aspects of workplace safety has also resulted in us reaching 5 months in a row of zero lost time injuries.

Despite COVID-19 presenting challenges for many organisations, we continue to invest in the growth and development of our people

During April, our Learning and Development team conducted 47 online safety training courses totalling 750 hours of training for 327 drivers.

Continuing to deliver a reliable service for our customers remains a priority. Our maintenance teams have been working hard to reduce outstanding work orders, resulting in record high levels of fleet availability.

This impressive result has been achieved through a continued focus on ensuring there is a strong recruitment pipeline, including investing in the next generation of mechanics through the appointment of apprentices.

Our continued focus on safety and reliability ensures our people and customers can continue to have confidence in our service as patronage on the network begins to increase.



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