H2-woah! Transdev to operate New Zealand’s first hydrogen-powered bus

PUBLISHED ON 09/04/2021
H2-woah! Transdev to operate New Zealand’s first hydrogen-powered bus

Auckland commuters will soon be able to enjoy a quieter and more comfortable journey with no impact on the environment as Transdev will soon be operating New Zealand’s first hydrogen-powered bus on behalf of Auckland Transport.

From April, the hydrogen-powered bus will be operated on route 70, transporting passengers from east Auckland into the city centre.

The trial will operate for two years and will test the bus’ operational performance and encourage the use of hydrogen-powered vehicles as the transport industry seeks to become more sustainable.

Sheryll Otway, General Manager of Howick and Eastern, said, “Our drivers are excited to be among the first in New Zealand to get behind the wheel of this hydrogen-fuelled vehicle.”

“Hydrogen technology has proven to be a safe and sustainable fuel for heavy vehicles, including buses.”

The service, operated by Transdev subsidiary Howick and Eastern, will run alongside an electric bus which Howick and Eastern began operating in 2020.

Transport currently accounts for almost 40% of Auckland’s carbon dioxide emissions, so this trial aims to help Auckland Transport transition to a full zero-emissions bus fleet by 2040.

Hydrogen-powered vehicles only emit water and water vapour, meaning there is no polluting effect on the environment. As zero emissions transport continues to evolve, hydrogen-powered vehicles will play a significant role in the transition towards a more sustainable industry.

Globally, Transdev operates the largest fleet of zero emissions buses, made up of both electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles, and has a global team of zero emissions experts able to adapt our expertise and experience to local geographic and climatic conditions.

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