Good news for night owls as our night network expands

PUBLISHED ON 23/08/2021
Good news for night owls as our night network expands

Night owls and shift workers across Melbourne will be rejoicing with a recent announcement that some of our most popular bus routes will expand to a 24-hour weekend service on Fridays and Saturdays.

The following routes will soon be extended to operate 24 hours on weekends:

  •  207 City – Doncaster Shopping Centre
  •  250 – City to La Trobe University
  •  901 – Frankston – Melbourne Airport
  •  905 – City - The Pines SC
  • 907 – City – Mitcham
  •  908 – City – The Pines SC

Graham Smith, Head of Operations, Transdev Melbourne, “More services on weekends mean customers who are out enjoying what Melbourne has to offer or wanting to get to or from work will now have more transport choices.

“We are pleased to be able to offer additional night services because they play an important role in supporting Melbourne's night time economy and providing an affordable service for night workers.”

The changes to the Night Network announced by Minister for Public Transport, Ben Carroll include 21 busy regular routes extended to operate a 24-hour service on weekends, and 13 special routes that will operate after midnight on weekends.

Connections to other trains was also a key consideration in the changes with buses now able to wait up to 20 minutes at selected stations if the connecting train from the city is running late.

See the changes to the Night Network.

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