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Giving parents the gift of time

PUBLISHED ON 30/11/2020
Giving parents the gift of time

“The best thing about a parent is that you can see your children every day and they make you forget all your worries. They teach you to stay happy.”

Transdev Melbourne Service Delivery Administrator, Gagandeep Khera describes what she loves about being a parent, accompanied by squeals of delight and the constant chatter of small children playing in the background.

Already mother to five year old Sehaj, Gagan took parental leave in March 2020 as her family prepared to welcome its latest member, Jasmeh in April.

Her role as a Service Delivery Administrator requires impeccable organisational skills as she ensures her depot has the correct number of buses each day, organises repairs with the workshop team and makes sure there are enough drivers to cover each shift. She laughs saying these organisational skills have come in handy when looking after two young girls.

Gagan loves the demanding nature of her role and says in the later stages of her pregnancy her colleagues and managers offered flexible hours and found her a parking space closer to the office to accommodate her changing needs.

While on leave Gagan has been staying in touch with colleagues who have been keeping her up to date with information relevant to her role and by undertaking online training and development sessions.

Transdev staff can access up to 10 Keeping in Touch days during a period of parental leave. The days are intended to assist a team member to stay connected with the organisation and their team and ease the transition back to work.

Gagan is already looking forward to returning to work in January saying; “For me work is not just about the money, I learn so much from my colleagues.

“I am part of a great team at Transdev, we can share ideas and experiences to learn from each other.  My colleagues are the main reasons I’m keen to come back.”

Gagan says she plans to return to work around the same time Sehaj will start school for the first time. However, Transdev’s parental leave policy allows for flexible transition back to work meaning that Gagan will be there to share the important milestone and support Sehaj as she takes her first steps through the school gate. 

Gagan reflects on what becoming a parent has taught her. She says her children have taught her lessons which she has applied to her professional life; “Children are risk takers, they are always doing something new and that makes me feel like I should not be afraid of trying new things and pursuing new opportunities.”

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