Delivering a safe, comfortable and reliable service

PUBLISHED ON 24/01/2020
Delivering a safe, comfortable and reliable service

In 2019, a relentless focus on the delivery of a safe, comfortable and reliable service helped achieve some impressive results.

In 2019 we delivered:

- Improved punctuality and reliability

We continue to improve the reliability of our service, driven by our enhanced maintenance capability (including a new audit program) and the first delivery of the Victorian Government’s order of new buses into our fleet.

We also achieved our on-time running target for the 2018-19 contract year and reduced our early-running to record low levels.

- A significantly improved customer experience

A focus on service fundamentals resulted in a 30% reduction in customer complaints and a 70% reduction in Public Transport Ombudsman (PTO) investigations.

- Delivery of 86 new buses into service

These new buses, which are built locally in accordance with the Victorian Government’s Local Jobs First Policy, are improving the comfort and reliability of our service. We look forward to improving reliability even further with the remaining 14 buses to be delivered by mid-2020.

- A safer workplace

We continue to focus on the wellbeing of our people, strengthening our safety culture, offering free health checks and introducing a range of other safety and wellbeing initiatives during the year. This combined effort has seen us reduce our number of lost time injuries by 47%.

- A more diverse workforce

We have an absolute commitment to diversity. Our Journey Maker Academy, which has been developed to help people from outside the transport industry (particularly women and young people) become bus drivers celebrated its one-year anniversary.

- Innovation in zero-emissions technology

We purchased Victoria’s first locally built fully electric bus and partnered with the Victorian Government to introduce it into service on the Victorian public transport network.






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