Creating a team of smooth operators

PUBLISHED ON 29/07/2020
Creating a team of smooth operators

The arrival of winter means wet and slippery surfaces and an increase in slips, trips and falls on the public transport network. A new campaign is helping our drivers create a smoother ride for passengers by reducing slips, trips and falls on our services.

The Smoothie safety campaign which began in 2019 aims to raise awareness about slips, trips and falls on our service and what actions drivers can take to create a safer, smoother ride for passengers.

This year, the campaign focuses on raising awareness about specific routes and hot spots for slips, trips and falls on our network. Driver resources have been developed with location specific tips to overcome conditions which contribute to passenger falls such as tight U-turns and navigating high congestion areas.

The campaign also:

  • Allows drivers to share their collective expertise with their peers by sharing some of the more than 220 smooth driving tips collected as part of the 2019 Smoothie campaign
  • Addresses common misconceptions held by some drivers to promote better safety on the road.

Already in 2020 the campaign is delivering a safer service for our passengers with initial data indicating a reduction in slips, trips and falls.

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