Creating a safer bus service: avoiding slips, trips and falls

PUBLISHED ON 23/08/2021
Creating a safer bus service: avoiding slips, trips and falls

Despite reduced passenger numbers across Victoria’s public transport network due to COVID-19, around 4 people will slip, trip or fall on the public transport network each day.

We are encouraging our customers to take more care of themselves while travelling on the bus network as part of a PTV campaign to reduce the number of slips, trips and falls.

Jane Murray, Head of Customer Experience and Communication, Transdev Melbourne said, “With the arrival of wet weather in winter, we unfortunately see the number of slips, trips and falls increase.

“This campaign reminds passengers about the simple actions they can take such as holding on, avoiding rushing and watching their step to ensure they get to their destination safely.”

Transdev is supporting the campaign via our website and social media channels emphasising simple safe bus behaviours which will help reduce the incidence of slips, trips and falls.

To help passengers build confidence onboard our services, we offer Practise Makes Perfect sessions which offer bus education and safe travelling tips for individuals and groups of all abilities. Transdev also produced the Ready to Ride campaign which provides safe travelling tips for seniors, as well as ensuring there is an ongoing focus internally on safe, smooth driving techniques.

Find out how you can stay safe when travelling. 

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