COVID-19 update: returning to school

PUBLISHED ON 26/05/2020
COVID-19 update: returning to school

While most Victorian students have been learning from home due to coronavirus restrictions we have continued to operate a regular school bus timetable providing a vital service for the families of essential workers.

Now that dates for a return to school for students have been announced by the Victorian Government, we wanted to inform parents and students of changes we have made to our services to protect students and help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

  • We have significantly increased the cleaning regime of our entire fleet including wiping down “high touch areas” such as handrails and posts, grab straps, seat top handles, window ledges and bell presses and treating our buses with sanitisation mist.
  • We are no longer accepting cash on board our services. Students are still required to travel with a valid ticket, however we ask that you advise students to top-up before they travel.
  • We are requesting all passengers who can, to enter and exit the bus via the rear door to maintain social distancing.
  • If your students need the bus lowered or the ramp, our drivers will assist them to board via the front door.

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