COVID-19 update: Our focus on safety and supporting the community

PUBLISHED ON 28/05/2020
COVID-19 update: Our focus on safety and supporting the community

COVID-19 has dramatically changed the lives of most Victorians. While many of us have been staying home, our team have been working hard to deliver an essential service for those people who rely on public transport.

As most Victorian students shifted to online education, we were proud to continue to operate more than 120 school services, with the support of the Department of Transport, to help students who couldn’t learn from home, get to school.

For those people still needing to travel, we implemented a range of key measures on board our services to help slow the spread and ensure people felt confident travelling when on the network. This included significantly increased cleaning and sanitisation of our buses, a trial of rear door boarding and encouraging passengers to touch on and off at the rear of the bus to help with social distancing.

Our team of drivers are proud to be behind the wheel of Transdev buses as they communicate safety messages and express our gratitude to frontline workers via destination banners. The messages displayed on the front and side of our buses, acknowledge the incredible work of frontline heroes throughout the pandemic, remind Victorians that we’re all in this together, and encourage the community to take actions to flatten the curve.

Our team are also very grateful for those in our community who have taken the time to thank our people for their service, including the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews. These messages of thanks give our people a real lift during a particularly challenging period.

Here are just a couple of examples of some of the messages we have received over the last couple of months:

"Transdev Melbourne drivers, mechanics and support teams: Thank you for your loyal and dedicated service. Keep up the great work!"

"I wish to thank you for your continued service at these hard times. Appreciate the service provided by each of your employees. I am not a frequent PT user, but whenever I had to travel, I have experienced the best service from your team. A special mention has to go to your bus drivers. They are one of the most friendly, polite and helpful people I have ever come across. It's always a pleasure travelling in the buses driven by these wonderful people."

"The driver was extremely courteous and made efforts to cheer up the passengers, given the present circumstance."

"The driver was very polite, even though the bus was almost empty due to lockdown, and he waved and greeted everyone. This was possibly the smoothest bus ride I have had."

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