Filming & Photography Requests


Buses, stations and other parts of the network are often popular subjects for filming and photography.

At Transdev, our highest priority is the safety and comfort of our drivers and our customers. The following guidelines and procedures have been put in place to allow for safe filming and photography of Transdev Melbourne’s bus network without compromising the service we deliver.

Filming and Photography Guidelines

If you wish to capture images or footage as part of a professional production or student project, you will need to request permission to do so by emailing with the following information:

  • Reason for filming / photography request
  • Date and time of proposed filming / photography
  • Duration of filming / photography
  • Proposed location of filming / photography
  • Bus route required i.e. Route 903 (if applicable)

Filming and photography should be scheduled outside morning and evening peak travel periods and avoid the busiest CBD and major stops where possible.

It is also best to avoid stops or dates impacted by special events where more passengers will need to access the network.

Where this is unavoidable, each application is subject to approval on a case-by-case basis.

The following directions must be observed on the network to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

  • At all times, you must abide by these guidelines and take direction from Transdev Melbourne staff
  • No artificial lighting can be directed toward oncoming buses
  • Any filming or photography on buses cannot be conducted during peak travel periods
  • Activities should not impede customers boarding/alighting or passengers on board a service
  • Activities should not delay bus services
  • You cannot capture images of customers or the driver unless you have their expressed permission
  • Respect the wishes of those passengers who ask not to be filmed or photographed
  • Be safe; all filming and photography is undertaken at your own risk.

Before you begin your application, be advised that any of the following is prohibited on the Transdev Melbourne bus network:

  • Activity that disrupts or creates inconvenience for Transdev Melbourne passengers, staff, tenants, neighbours or the general public.
  • Use of pyrotechnics, dangerous or flammable substances and weapons (including spear guns, firearms and explosives).
  • Production of film or photography with subject matter that is likely to be considered sensitive or offensive. This includes nudity, offensive language, violence, drug use, anti-social behaviour or political or racial content.
  • Production of film or photography that may diminish the reputation of public transport or the public transport system in Victoria.
  • Production of film or photography to be used to promote a political party, parties or a political cause.
  • Production of film or photography that promotes or relates to alcohol or gambling.

Any questions about the application process should be directed to