Timetable Changes

June Timetable Changes

From 5 June, minor revisions are being made to timetables across Transdev's bus routes in metropolitan Melbourne.  


The objective of the timetable change is to: 

  • improve the reliability of services, with timetables reflecting current traffic conditions
  • provide better connections with metropolitan train stations.

On average the timetable changes across the routes will range from 2-5 minutes on weekdays and 3-7 minutes on weekends. Other changes will see extra trips added to some routes and trips extended on others. The adjusted timetables will give passengers greater confidence that buses will arrive and depart on schedule.


New timetables effective 5 June 2016:

Click on the links below to view timetables for the following routes:

  200     246   295   901
207  250  302    902 
 215   251    303     903
216  270  304   905
219  273  305   906
220  279  309    907 
223  280  318    908 
232  281  350    922 
234  282  364    923 
235 284 370   
236 285 380   
237 293 600  


 For more information, visit ptv.vic.gov.au or call 1800 800 007.

Note: Customers can view an online timetable by selecting the correct time period from the drop down box (see example below).


 Common Questions:

Q. Which timetables are changing?

A. All timetables will change for Transdev's public bus routes (shown above).


Q. What sort of changes are we talking about?

A. Changes vary on each route - and between services - at different times of day depending on the traffic conditions anticipated.  On average, time changes across routes range from 2-5 minutes on weekdays and 3-7 minutes on weekends. Start and finish times remain largely the same.

We recommend that customers check the new timetables and plan their journeys accordingly. 


Q. Are you adding any extra trips?

A. Yes. In total, across all 46 Transdev bus routes, there will be 102 extra trips added as part of the timetable change. This includes 39 extra trips on Saturdays and 55 extra trips on Sundays. The routes with the most significant additional new trips are:

  • Route 370 (Mitcham to Ringwood via Ringwood North): Introduction of 23 new trips to this route on Sundays, which will operate to the same timetable and span of hours as the existing Saturday service.
  • Route 907 Dart Service (Mitcham – City): 16 new trips on Saturday and Sunday (eight in each direction).
  • Route 908 Dart Service (The Pines - City): 16 new trips on Saturday and Sunday (eight in each direction), increasing the service frequency to every 20 mins between 10am and 6pm on weekends. These trips will connect with route 907 services at Doncaster Park & Ride. In addition, one weekday AM peak trip from Doncaster Park & Ride to the city has been extended to run from The Pines Shopping Centre to the city.


Q. Are any trips being removed?

A. Yes, one trip is being removed.

  • Route 279 (Box Hill - Doncaster Shopping Centre via Middleborough Rd):  The 10.33 pm trip on Sunday night from Box Hill to Doncaster has been removed from the timetable.


Q. How have we communicated these timetable changes to customers?
A. There are posters and hangers on our buses, signage at some busy bus stops and interchanges, social media messages and information on our own and PTV’s websites.


Q. Will there be any other timetable changes this year?
A. At this stage, no other timetable changes have been scheduled.


Q. Where can customers leave feedback?
A. Customers who wish to leave feedback can visit ptv.vic.gov.au or call PTV’s Customer Service Centre on 1800 800 007.