Stay Independent, Travel Safe

A new campaign from Transdev encourages safe travel for seniors.

Each year more than 350 customer slips, trips and falls are reported on Transdev buses. It is likely that many more go unreported. Of this figure, approximately 18 per cent are seniors (people older than 65 years).

With input from the Transport Accident Commission, the Department of Health and Human Services/Seniors Card and Public Transport Victoria, Transdev has created three short videos that demonstrate ways in which senior customers can travel safely on the bus network.

Each video focuses on a different aspect of travelling — holding on and taking a seat, speaking out and engaging proactively with the bus driver, and understanding myki.

‘We want our senior customers to be confident, safe travellers who feel comfortable using our buses,’ says Transdev Managing Director Harry Wijers, ‘we want them to understand what they need to do to look after themselves and that our drivers are there to help them.’


Here are some tips to help you travel safe:

  • Always take a seat and try to sit close to the front
  • Hold on to the back of the seats to support yourself when standing up
  • If you need help getting on the bus, just ask the driver
  • If you have any concerns about the route, speak to your driver
  • Top up your myki before you travel. You can set auto-top up online, or try to have the correct change if you need to top up on board the bus
  • Seniors' fares are capped on weekdays and you travel for free in zones 1 and 2 on weekends


To find out more, watch our videos by clicking on them below.


For more information on travelling safely on buses, visit or call 1800 800 007 (6am - midnight) daily.