Local Buses

We run urban and school bus services on behalf of Public Transport Victoria.

Can I take a pram on board?
Can I take my bike on board?
Can I eat/drink on your buses?
Can I hail a bus between stops?
Can I take my dog on board?
Can I buy tickets online?
Who is entitled to concession fares?
What is the best value ticket for me?
What should I do if I have lost my myki card?
At what age is a fare required for a child to travel on the bus?
Do you have discount fares for children?

General Information

How can I make a comment or complaint?
Do buses run on public holidays?
What do I do if I have left something on a bus?
I can't find the timetable I am looking for on your website, where can I get further assistance?

Employment With Us

How can I find job vacancies at Transdev Melbourne?
I want to be a bus driver, what do I need?
How old must I be to become a bus driver?
Do you have any apprenticeship schemes?
Why should I consider Transdev as an employer?
Where are your operations in Australia and New Zealand?