April 26, 2013


Transdev Melbourne has been announced as preferred tenderer for the Melbourne Metropolitan Bus Franchise by Public Transport Victoria (PTV), on behalf of the Victorian Government. The franchise covers about 30% of the Melbourne bus market and is for a period of seven years, and may be extended for a further three years subject to meeting performance targets. The franchise will integrate over 1,000 staff, 50 routes and 500 vehicles in the east and west of Melbourne and the SmartBus orbitals.

‘This outcome is the result of a tremendous amount of hard work by our team to produce a compelling and exciting bid that will deliver a better way with buses for both bus users and Victorian taxpayers,’ said Mr Edward Thomas, the CEO of Transdev Melbourne, the Melbourne Bus franchisee. Mr Thomas, who will lead a dedicated management team, has more than 12 years experience in public transport, most recently overseeing Transdev’s 1,200-strong bus operations across Australia.

‘Our vision is to become the transport mode of choice for Melbourne's travelling public by creating a world-class bus network that is easily identifiable, intuitively meets the needs of customers, and achieves operational and financial benefits for the community. Our vision is consistent with PTV's: we will deliver safe, integrated, accessible and reliable services. Customer needs will be our ultimate priority.

‘Transdev proposes to deliver the following benefits to customers in the first two years of the franchise:

- Additional services across the network, including the addition of Sunday services on some routes;

- A simplified network, particularly through the CBD;

- A reduction in route duplication; and

- Increased hours of operation on both weekdays and weekends.

‘These improvements are a foretaste of the future as we work to develop a completely new (Green Fields) timetable for 2015. Reliability will also improve as we introduce an operations control centre to assist drivers and improve information for customers, particularly during disruptions. We will re-locate depots to enable the integrated network and to meet today’s needs but also cater for the future growth of Melbourne.

‘We will also introduce sweeping innovations based on our customer research, including: training drivers in a proven customer care methodology; recruiting staff with customer-centric attitudes; improving customer information pre and post journey; and launching the Transdev Customer Charter. We will also improve the options for feedback by using our Listen technology and the Meet our Managers program and enhancing the design, space, comfort and security of travel, including refurbishing older buses.

‘Over the franchise life, we will grow patronage and customer satisfaction and build customer and community trust in, and awareness of, our buses,’ said Mr Thomas.

This win is the latest in a series of great results in the past few years for Transdev including: tender wins in Joondalup (WA), Caval Ridge (QLD), Sydney (Harbour City Ferries, with Transfield Services), Darwin (NT, with Buslink); the retention of contracts in Auckland (NZ), Rockingham (WA), Fremantle (WA), Sydney (NSW); and the successful merger of the previous Veolia Transport and Transdev businesses.

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